When I first started blogging nine years ago (!), I would crank out posts almost every day. People would wonder how I could manage to spend so much time online when my kids were so little and so busy and so demanding. My little monsters were all good sleepers, and would often nap at the same time. Then as the older ones made there way to preschool and school, the younger ones were still in the napping stage.

(Do you remember nap time? When they would sleep for a couple of hours and the house was quiet? Those were the golden years.)

This year is the first year where my three kids are in different schools. Well, they were in different schools when they were wee, but it was more about stations and less about homework. There aren’t any extra-curricular activities in preschool. All three kids are in piano lessons (The recital is next week!), the dudes are in basketball (In two different schools with two different schedules), and for a reason that is a mystery to me, the schools have early dismissal on different weeks from each other.

(Side rant: This year, our schools opted to have the kids get out of school 1.5 hours early multiple times this year so the teachers could do Pro Development, instead of taking a few full days off. It’s going back to normal next year, THANKS BE.  The short days mess with everyone’s schedule, including mine, and the kids’, and the other parents, and our piano teacher’s, and I think even the teachers as well.)

I am thankful that I have work that allows me to be a hands-on Mom, and also make an income. My workload is manageable, but my hours can be a bit obscure. I will wake up in the wee hours to work a bit, work during school hours when I’m not helping with skating/swimming/skating field trips (Or it’s not early dismissal), and spend most evenings working. The kids are happy that I’m involved in their days, but holy crap do I sometimes feel like it’s time I succumb to the stereotype and get a “Mom’s Taxi” sign for my car.

While my workload is manageable, and my home life is manageable, sometimes things go sideways and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Having a busy life that we do — and living in the sticks — two vehicles are a necessary evil for us. Two weekends ago, we were out in the yard and Matt noticed that there was a pool of antifreeze and oil under his truck. We had it towed to our mechanic and then we were pronounced to be the new parents of a brand new radiator!

Last week, I was feeling a bit of a crunch, time-wise. We were running low on all groceries, and I knew that I could do a big shop and still make it home to get a large chunk of work done before the kids were done school. I had a quick meeting at the school about helping with their running program, and when I arrived, Nathan was there. His ear hurt and he wanted to go to the doctor. He was fine enough to wait, and after my meeting I spent an hour of my day taking him to the doctor, where we discovered that he had … an inflamed ear. We got a prescription in case it turned into an infection (It didn’t), and then I brought him back to school loaded with Advil and orange juice.

I finally made my way to Superstore and as was driving home, the radio started cutting out and then all of my gauges died. I coasted into a parking lot, called Matthew, and then we waited for the tow truck after he determined that we wouldn’t be able to limp it back to our mechanic. I spent nearly an hour in the Rona parking lot, sighing my monthly quota of sighs.

The tow truck driver was the same guy who had towed Matt’s truck and joked about it. Ha! Hahahaha. Ha. Laugh it up, fuzzball. I’m happy we’re helping to keep you in business. (He’s a really nice guy. The one-two punch of vehicle bills is just a bit hard to swallow.)

A few other punches were thrown my way that day and if I wasn’t such an eternal optimist (and if I’d happened to be PMS-ing), I probably would have had an episode on my fainting couch.

All of the above to say that life gets even busier when your kids aren’t babies (Sorry, friends with babies), but it also gets more awesome. New adventures, amazing conversations, and many hugs.

Also, sometimes crap happens and your only response is to laugh because it’s so much better than crying. Unless it’s That Time, because then you have every right to eat a large plate of nachos, followed by chocolate, and weep openly while watching The Notebook.

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  1. Sarahviz February 25, 2014 11:55 am edit

    Oh sister, I hear ya! The 3 Kid Juggle – it’s a real thing.

  2. angella February 25, 2014 11:04 pm edit

    It really, truly is.

  3. alimartell February 25, 2014 7:15 pm edit

    …and normal bedtimes.

  4. angella February 25, 2014 11:05 pm edit

    My kids are still in bed between 8-9 pm. I hope it lasts FOREVER.

  5. Carrie February 25, 2014 10:41 pm edit

    You have a fainting couch? :-)

  6. angella February 25, 2014 11:05 pm edit

    You don’t? ;)

  7. Hannah February 26, 2014 3:52 pm edit

    Ack, I’m sorry to hear about your car troubles – rotten timing!
    It always seems to be those unexpected things that completely interrupt your schedule and make things harder than they would normally be … I can relate after spending most of the day yesterday in the emergency room with Tyler … not how I planned my day and it throws everything ‘off’ when you have to make those last minute changes.

  8. Danica February 26, 2014 5:15 pm edit

    And that’s why I don’t need to blog any more. Because you just keep saying it all for me. :-)

    That being said. I might blog today. Might.

    Vehicle bills are the worst! and I hate the feeling of being so so so busy, and yet not really doing anything. Or is that just me? I hope that you have a day soon where all the good things happen at once. Win after win after win with a big final whollop of win right before you hit the sack. :-)

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