New Beginnings

This past week was more difficult than many others, for many reasons. It was A Week. There were some work frustrations (So many things required, not enough hours to get them done) and some kid frustrations (PRETEENS, MAN). I can’t write about the latter, because of course, but I could have so much fun with that one. If we could sit down for coffee, you would be entertained by what I’ve had to deal with between work and kids and all of the other things.

Six months after we listed our house, it’s still not sold. So! Many! Interested! People!

No offers. Not one.

We know it’s supposed to happen, and it’s going to happen, but it needs to happen already. It’s put an added stress on our already stressed lives. Matthew’s still working on his Masters in Leadership, which is a second full-time job (And not cheap). He’s up until 1:00 a.m. most nights. This affects his work at the church, and our family, and me. We decided to go this route, meaning that I would take over more household stuff. (We always said we were 50/50, but he covered at least 70% of everything from laundry to cleaning the bathrooms.) I am doing all that I can, while trying to balance work and our kids and all of their individual needs. So many needs, so little juice in my tank to fill every need.

I feel like I’m failing at everything. I know that sounds dramatic, and after talking to others who have the same feelings about last week, I think that maybe we can blame the moon or the clouds or the jet winds.

(The kids also have doctors appointments about weird bumps on their feet (not warts). I have a weird lump behind my ear and have a doctor’s appointment about that. I’m not one to worry but weird lumps and bumps are not cool.)


We did make it up to Apex on Sunday afternoon. I had a great snow shoe with the dogs, we skied this morning, and played in the snow this afternoon. (It’s a Family Day holiday here in B.C.) I woke up to an amazing sunrise this morning (see above), which felt like a promise that everything is going to be okay.


A while back, I read the book Quiet. (I highly recommend it.) I have a hard time reading non-fiction, unless it’s a biography, because I love stories. I glean so much more from the truths in stories than from a non-fiction book that’s not a biography. I was inspired to read Quiet, and I read most of it. I took the quiz at the beginning that told me that I was 60% introverted and 40% extroverted, and have been calling myself an introverted extrovert ever since. I skimmed the book and read a number of fascinating stories and recommend the book to anyone who I get talking to about personality types.

I was working in our church office last week (I’m their accountant) and told our lead Pastor (who has also read Quiet) that I scored 60/40 as an Introvert. He laughed, and told me that I should take the test again, because he was pretty sure that I’m an extrovert. I told him that I was honest when I took the test, and I really do enjoy — and recharge from — being at home and laying low. I also need my social time, but not as much as an Extrovert does. I need the balance. He made an interesting statement.

I think that you’re an Ambivert, just like I am.

I asked about that term, and if it was in Quiet. It was. (I confessed above to skimming.) He said that an ambivert is someone who is recharged from being an Extrovert, and someone who is recharged by being an Introvert. They need to balance between the two extremes. If you are “on” all of the time, you need to power down. If you lock yourself away in a remote cabin, after a few days you’ll be itching for interaction.

I googled “Ambivert” and this article described me, in all of my ambivertedness.

Ambiverts sit on the spectrum of social interaction right in between the introverts and extroverts. Ambiverts love spending time with people, but get tired after spending too much time around people. Ambiverts are also very capable of doing things alone, but spending an entire day alone can suck them into a depressed, unproductive mood.

Ambiverts love interacting with people, but in a very purposeful way. Ambiverts can have extremely animated and interactive conversations, or mellow and meditative ones. Ambiverts will defend both their personal time as well as their social time.

Ambiverts process information best when they process internally and externally. Ambiverts need time and space to process things on their own, but they also need people who they can trust to process things with externally. In order for ambiverts to fully process information, they usually need both.

Ambiverts seek breadth of knowledge and influence, but dive deep when they are truly passionate. Ambiverts can be thought or action oriented, depending on the situation, but they are also oftentimes both.

The challenge for ambiverts is finding one thing to stick with. Because ambiverts do well socially and individually, it’s easy for an ambivert to become the jack of all trades, having knowledge in many different areas but not necessarily an expert an any of them.

Ambiverts tend to do well adapting to any situation that they are placed in, whether it be a loud social scene or a secluded environment.

Wow. That is me, on every point. Every single point. It’s like someone looked inside my (very busy) mind and wrote out how my mind works. It’s all so fascinating to me, because the more I understand how I’m wired, the more I can use that knowledge to understand how to keep myself in balance, which helps me be a better Mom/wife/friend/family/community member. Fun stuff.

Apex trails

It’s no secret that I love birthdays — mine and everyone else’s — and that my love language is words of affirmation. There were comments here, there was that poster my friends filled out, the trifecta of FaceBook/Twitter/Instagram birthday wishes, phone calls, texts, emails and … wow. My heart is so very, very full. You get a hug! You get a hug! You get a hug!

My birthday was on a Tuesday, and Tuesdays are the day that Matthew has a staff meeting over lunch. I asked him if he could skip it in order to go for lunch with me instead, but he had a different plan. Two nights at the cabin, just us, while my brother stayed with our kids. He always has better ideas than I do.

We headed up the mountain on Monday morning and came back Wednesday mid-day. Due to some extra rentals of our cabin, we had enough cash in hand to eat out for lunch and dinner both days. The weather was absolutely perfect — blue skies and sunshine, no wind, and a temperature that was just above freezing. We skied, we snow shoed, we watched movies and had a great break from every day life. Well, he had to work on his Masters schooling, but I went for a three-hour snow shoe with our neighbor/friend and did some crocheting and reading when he had to work on school. It was weird to not see my kids on my birthday and I don’t think I’ll do that again while they live at home. I felt off, they were not happy about it, and we’ve all agreed to be together on birthdays. Done!

Thanks again for all of the love you fired my way. I’m now going to post a bunch of photos for those in my family who are not on the trifecta of FaceBook/Twitter/Instagram. Man, I love it up at Apex. It’s an entirely different world up there.
On Top Of The World

Snowflake Loop


The Valley


(I made a few comments over the past few weeks that I’d like some Sorel boots for next Christmas, as my current boots are old and falling apart inside. Matthew listened, and I opened these on my birthday.)



I wrote my review of the Steak Soft Taco kit, and have made it a few times since. On one of my weekly “big shops” (I meal plan and do a big shop at Superstore once a week), I saw a new addition: The Baja Fish kit. We love making fish tacos with mango salsa, and I though trying a new twist on fish tacos would be fun.

I made them, we all loved them (Ten thumbs up!), and a few days later I received my monthly care package from the folks at Life Made Delicious. They had included a bunch of things they thought I’d like and might want to review, including the Baja Fish kit. This was a no-brainer, as we’d already made them and love them. We made them again the other day and they’ve been voted into our monthly meal rotation.

These kits are so great in that they have simple instructions, and some great mixes for dips and such to serve with your meal. The recipe in the back called for cabbage but I made my fresh salsa recipe, because fresh salsa.

It’s an easy, tasty, and economically-wise dinner option if you’re out of fresh ideas.

Have you tried them? Or any other of the Restaurante options? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

My birthday is on January 20th. As a child, I envied my sister’s July birthday because it was spaced nicely from Christmas, whereas mine is only a few weeks after and then nothing for the rest of the year. As an adult, the present aspect isn’t a big issue (I have a job and can buy what I want, any time of year!), but the blah of January has been more pronounced. December is full of parties and events and Christmas and New year’s and then January arrives and … nothing. So, for the past four years (at least — it could be five years but I’m old and my memory isn’t what it used to be)(It’s never been great, actually, but it’s definitely worse) I host my own birthday party/girls’ night in. Anyone and everyone is invited, with the only requirement being to bring an appetizer and/or a bottle of wine. It’s not all about me, but about us having a night of girl time. There’s usually around twenty ladies talking and eating and laughing and it’s such a great way to ignore the blah and fill your heart with great memories. (I do remember every one of these parties. Go, me!)

This year’s party had a bit of a different spin, as I turn forty on Tuesday. Forty. The little girl inside of me thinks that seems really, really old, but I don’t feel really, really old. I take care of my skin and I run and I go to the gym and I eat pretty healthy as a rule. I ski and I snow shoe and I hike and I can even help move a couch when the need arises. I feel like I should be freaking out more about the big 4-0, but it feels like just a number. I remember when I turned thirty, a friend in her thirties told me that her thirties were much better than her twenties. She had a better sense of her identity, and more confidence. I found the same to be true for me and if what my friends in their forties tell me is true, then it gets even better. I’ll care even less about what people think of me and continue to grow into the woman God designed me to be.

The birthdaypalooza was last night and it was as great as it always is. Friends and food and talks and laughs. Also tears, as we sat around and I read the cards they had brought me. Words of affirmation is my love language, and I’m a crier, so I’m sure that you can imagine me being a blubbering mess. I’m not pretty when I cry.

They put up a sheet of paper titled “40 reasons to celebrate Angella” and after the last of my friends left I sat cross-legger and read each of the points. I laughed and I cried (again). I am so blessed.

40 reasons

A few friends set up a “photo booth” downstairs, complete with props and as I went through all of the photos this morning, I am once again thankful for all of these women in my life. They walk alongside of me, they run with me, they encourage me, and they make me a better person. Between my family and my friends, I think the forties are going to be the best decade yet.


More ladies
Even more ladies


Miss Kickyboots
Moar ladies
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