Back To School

The past year has been the hardest year in my many decades of living on this planet. I could link to all of the reasons why, or you can just scroll back. (I’m too tired to link, is what I’m saying.)

Things are so much better now. We won our house by ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN DOLLARS AND TWENTY CENTS. Renovations are happening. Painting started today, and our kitchen is en route from IKEA. Things are coming together and I know that it’s all going to be amazing when it’s done. I do, but now I’m going to whine a bit and be done with my first world problems.

We’ve been living out of suitcases for four months now. Not the worst scenario, except that the weather turned last week and all of my fall/winter clothes are in our moving container. We’ve been filling our trailer every night to move stuff from the container, and unloading it into the basement but we’ve yet to find my boots. I just want my boots. If we don’t find them on the next trailer load, I’m giving myself permission to buy new boots. Because BOOTS.

(It’s hot and sunny again, so buying new boots can wait. For now.)

In other news, the kids started school this week after the longest summer on record. Graham is in Grade 8 (WHAT?), Nathan is also in French Immersion for sixth grade (TWO KIDS IN MIDDLE SCHOOL)(AND FRENCH IMMERSION)(Qu’est-ce que c’est?)

Emily is in fourth grade and after a bumpy morning, she’s in the class that she was meant to be in.

All of the above aside, how do I have kids the size where we can share hoodies and shorts and shoes?

The photo I used in this post shows what we’ve been doing within our home, to change our home, and make it what works for us.

Today was a big day.

This morning, the view from the living room showed (Our deck furniture that is still operating as our kitchen table because most of our life is in a moving container, and) a wall.

The wall!

This afternoon the wall was gone, and the space where the door was has been framed in.

Walls? Who needs walls?

I think that I may have to Periscope the process, but for those who like to read, here is the plan. The studs you see behind the table show an extended room. Our piano will be on that wall, and our desk and office space will be on the right.

On the left, where the door was and you can peek through, will be our bedroom. You then hang a right into our ensuite, which is where you can see the pink insulation.

Added bonus:

Extra View!

When I stand in the kitchen, I have even more of a view than I had before.

(Please excuse the Barbie head on the right, and almost everything else in this photo. It’s chaos, but it’s progressing.)

I have it on good authority that the drywall installation starts tomorrow and everything will be painted by next Friday. Now it’s time to pick paint colors.


On Monday, our friend (and fellow church member) Christine sent me a Facebook message. She works for the Summerland Chamber of Commerce and they were taking photos for the 2016 Summerland Visitors guide. She asked if Matthew and I, and possibly our church’s new youth pastor and his wife, would be willing to be in a photo on the patio of our local pub for the guide.

(Pastors on the pub patio!)(Baptists like pubs.)(At least these Baptists.)

The Youngs were in! We were in! Kind of.

Matthew was not so in. He, being an introvert, could not understand why I would sign him up for a PHOTO SHOOT. He had no desire to see his face IN PRINT. EVER. I countered that I say no to many, many things, because he is an introvert. This was something fun, for me, and I wanted him to do this for me. He got that, and he did it.

We also got to sign waivers for being models. I’M A MODEL, YOU GUYS.
I'm a model!

We got to the patio, and told the photographer (Hi, Darren!) about Matthew’s introvertedness, and Darren was awesome. He shot from so many different angles, and we really did start to forget that he was there, because we were hanging out with friends and laughing out loud. Darren would stage a few shots — while joking with Mr. Introvert — and tell him to say something to make us laugh. We would then laugh and make comments about how we would reference the laughing photo to Matthew’s discomfort with being the focal point.


It was a great experience. Christine stopped by after the photos were done and said that they print 36,000 visitor guides. THIRTY-SIX THOUSAND. Wait for it. (Mr. Introvert is dreading it.)

Here’s hoping that the photo that makes the guide doesn’t have cheese from the nachos they provided hanging from my chin.


Windows and Doors

Life is always crazy around here. (Look up, look way up…to the tagline I’ve had for ten years now.) Moving and renovating adds even more to our daily chaos. Then there is work (I’m SO BUSY) and kids (EIGHT DAYS UNTIL SCHOOL STARTS) and I’ve neglected this space. I miss this space. I think I’m going to make a concerted effort to writing here more often because it’s my space. Not MySpace, which was my first foray into blogging and I probably still have a profile out in the webisphere but I don’t even want to know about it.

As for the kids going back to school, I am probably in the minority, but I could care less about them going back to school. I love hanging out with my Minions. However. My kids, all three of them, cannot WAIT to go back to school. We’ve made a lot of effort to connect them with friends over the summer, and it’s worked out well. That aside, they miss seeing ALL of their friends, and learning new things, and having routine.

(Me too.)

On the house front, floors are being laid and things are being done and it’s at the point where I can see the dream becoming a reality.

On Fire
We live in desert country, so we are used to our summers hearing about forest fires and wild fires and having friends evacuated and seeing the sky covered in a thin haze. It comes and it goes and it’s part of life here.

This year has been different. Spring started in February (I ran outside in a t-shirt and shorts in FEBRUARY), and we have had less precipitation than ever. I don’t have scientific facts for you, but I can tell you that June is usually rainy while the kids have end-of-school-year fun events. We did not have a rainy June. Or May. Or any month this year so far. We’re on a Level 4 water advisory.

Our province is on fire, other provinces are on fire, and Washington State below us is on fire. Last night we met friends at the lake for dinner and within an hour the smoke from those raging fires across the border had rolled in. Smoke filled the sky and the setting sun was a fiery red. (See above photo.)

We woke up this morning to a sky full of smokey soup and another red sun.


There are air quality advisories, because 10 is considered high risk and the last advisory I read said that we are at a level of 20. Our town is like a ghost town. Everyone is locked inside, hoping for the winds to come and clear out our valley.

Pray for rain, too. Please pray for rain.

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