Winter has officially arrived, which means that the cold and the wind and the dry air have arrived, at least where I live. This is my third year of carrying my running routine outdoors throughout the winter and I can tell you that the elements, while mild in the desert area I live in, can dry out my skin a bit. My skin is not oily — it’s classified as “normal (Even though I am not normal) — but the winter weather makes it a bit drier.

I live in a wee town with a population of 11,000 people, but we have a Shoppers Drug Mart and the ladies in the makeup department are so very friendly and helpful. I hit them up for my skin care needs, especially when there are sales and bonus Shoppers Optimum Points. I know that Shoppers Drug Mart has a wide selection of new skin care products to keep us and our family’s skin healthy this winter and they always allow us to earn Shoppers Optimum Points on participating skin care products.
What I did not know is that they can do a skin analysis using the beautyRx tool.

I haven’t had time to try this out since learning about it, but you better believe I’ll be booking a time. I do have a January birthday, and who doesn’t like to take care of themselves on and around their birthday?

Here’s what I know about the beautyRx tool:

The Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Experts offer in-store complimentary skin care consultations using the beautyRx tool.

The Skin Analysis consists of:

1. Moisture Checker: It measures you skin’s hydration levels.

2. Video Microscope: It magnifies your skin’s surface by 30 times to help diagnose your skin type. (I have to admit that I don’t need/want to see my skin magnified 30 times, but whatever it takes for the greater good.)

Based on the readings, the Beauty Expert will recommend skin care products accordingly. (I like this, because I usually choose my products based on reviews and recommendations. I want to try the PREVAGE® Anti-aging Daily Serum.

PREVAGE® Anti-aging Daily Serum
I’m on the downhill slide to 40 and anything that helps keep my skin firm and strong is something I want to try.

I encourage you to visit your local Shoppers Drug Mart to check out the assortment of skin care products, receive a complimentary beautyRx Skin Analysis, plus earn Shoppers Optimum Points on participating skin care products. I resisted signing up for Shoppers Optimum Points for so long (One more card!), but I’ve gotten so much back that it’s 100% worth it.)





Although this post has been generously sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect Shoppers Drug Mart.



We escaped up to the cabin on Friday. What are we escaping from? December is overwhelming in a good year, but this December seemed to be even more so. And then, Friday morning as we entered the new year, Matthew’s transmission in his truck bid farewell as he was going to meet a friend for coffee. We probably have to buy a new (to us) vehicle.

I am an eternal optimist, married to an eternal pessimist, but we both agreed to come to the cabin and stay here through Monday. We need the break, the relief from the every day, and the chance to be outside in nature. We’ve snow shoed, we’ve skied, and we’ve gone sledding. We’ve also watched movies, (I’ve) crocheted, and eaten good food. The kids are missing school tomorrow to ski in the fresh powder with their Dad, and I have a ski date with some of my favorite ladies.

It’s been a great respite from the crazy that was December, and from the crazy that will kick in when we get back to reality on Tuesday.



These Three

The Christmas holidays have been full of friends and family, of skiing and snow shoeing, of birthdays and celebrations, and of chest coughs and Vicks. I will fill in the details after the holidays, but I had a few free moments and just wanted to say hi.


I hope that your holidays have been as full of love and laughter as mine has, and I can’t wait to hear about it when we’re all in the month of Meh (January).

See you on the other side, friends.


My Mom was here when Emily was born, and upon Emily’s arrival, she said she felt like she was looking at me when I was born. We often get comments that she looks like me, and I definitely see it. She has my big blue eyes, my nose, my cheeks, and my smile. There’s no arguing that she’s my daughter, but it’s not the same “mini-mi” dynamic that Matthew and Nathan have. Until today.

My sister Mel posted some photos on Facebook for #tbt (Throw Back Thursday for the grandparents) and my mouth dropped open. I think you can see why.

Mini Me and Mel

(That’s me on the left. But you knew that.)

People didn’t get doubles printed in the eighties and so the photos I have differ from Mel’s. I don’t remember that one, but woah. It’s like a photo of Emily with a low-quality eighties filter.

Here are two more that Mel shared (Aren’t we adorable?):

Oh, 1980

Buck Tooth

Mind, blown. Genetics are fascinating and it’s pretty obvious that my side of the gene pool won this round.


Life Made Delicious

I received my holiday box of fun from the folks over at Life Made Delicious, and none of it has gone to waste. I tried the Restaurante Soft Taco Kit and have purchased it twice as part of Taco Tuesday over here. I used the new cookie cutters when I made the Pillsbury Sugar Cookies that disappeared almost as quickly as it took me to bake them. I use the oven mitts exclusively, because they are so festive! I gave the gluten-free product to a friend who has Celiac, and she gave it two thumbs up.

I have yet to try the chocolate chip cookies, but I made the Ultimate Chocolate brownies (Upper right) and they were Ultimately Awesome. I like chocolate, but Matthew loves chocolate. It’s one of his main food groups and he needs it daily in order to survive. I made these brownies and it took a lot of convincing to get him to share them with the rest of us. So, if you’re in need of a good browning but don’t want to make it from scratch, here you go.


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