I have three beautiful children. I am biased, yes, but I am also told by friends, family, and strangers that my kids are beautiful. I smile and say thank you and I know because they all look like their Dad. I see glimpses of myself in our oldest and our youngest but the middle child is one hundred and fifty percent his father.

He is also the child that gets the most attention.

All three of our children were charming babies and toddlers. Smiling at strangers in the grocery store and chatting with anyone who would dare look in their general direction. Sir Nathan seemed to have that extra ding! in his smile because ladies young and old have been drawn to him ever since he arrived. I’m not sure if it is his green (They used to be blue!) eyes, or his never ending eyelashes, or his tendency to hug anyone who allows him to, or if it’s a combination of it all.

Ladies love Nathan.

This school year has been especially entertaining for us parents, because it appears that the third grade girls know what (who?) they want, and it’s Nathan. He’s been asked to the Valentine’s Day dance by a few girls (!) and while at the movie night our church hosts once a month, two of the girls were chasing him around the gym. A third girl approached me with a question that I have heard often from a number of girls in his class.

Are you Nathan’s Mom?

These girls have figured out the trick of getting in with the Mom and it cracks me up every time. When he hurt his collarbone again a few weeks ago and I brought him back to school, there were no less than eight girls encircling us to ask if he was okay. When I said that he wasn’t to run or jump or climb, I asked if they could keep an eye on him for me and they took the task to heart. They all solemnly swore to watch him and make sure he didn’t re-injure himself and, oh. They are so adorable.

We love to tease Nathan about it to no end. He told us that the girls like to chase him because they want to “kill him” and Graham replied, “Yeah, kill you with LOVE.” I always fire out our standard “Ladies love Nathan” line and he always replies with his standard “MOM!”, complete with the eye roll.

It’s all innocent now, and will be for a few years yet, but before we know it the phone will be ringing for him and we’ll be helping him navigate the murky waters of teenage angst (from the girls) and teaching him how to be a proper gentleman. In the meantime, I am loving this stage where it’s all cute and awkward and full of fodder for teasing him to no end. Because that’s one of the best parts of this parenting gig.

* Back in the day I learned that the rapper LL Cool J’s name stood for Ladies Love Cool J. We’ve tweaked it and are running with it.

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  1. Hannah February 6, 2013 5:45 am edit

    What a charmer :-)

    We have a similar situation with Tyler – he is always getting attention from girls at school, and gets invited to girl birthday parties where he is the only boy and spends 2 hours getting chased and kissed by a dozen girls. He swears that he doesn’t like girls, period. I personally think that’s just a cover line ;-)

    Heaven help us both in a few years’ time, right?!

  2. Kristabella February 6, 2013 11:56 am edit

    Guilty as charged! :)

  3. ChrisB February 6, 2013 3:49 pm edit

    SHOCKING!!! ;O)

  4. D February 8, 2013 11:01 am edit

    Ha ha! That cracks me up. He indeed has a special ‘zing’ as you say.

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