Obviously. It’s not like I haven’t had enough clues.

First, the pee on the stick. Then the “morning” sickness that lasted all day, coupled with extreme fatigue. Then came the movements, which have only gotten stronger. We went for 2 ultrasounds, and got to see the little turkey inside.

So what has gotten me realizing even more that I’m pregnant? It’s the pregnancy stuff that comes with entering the third trimester. I’ll tell you what I mean.

If I’m eating or drinking, and I dribble, it usually only takes a backwards swing of my hips to save my clothes from the impending food stain. Now, the hips still swing back, but the belly is still in the way. I’ve been a hit a few times. I am realizing what a messy eater I can be. To quote Toy Story (which I heard in the car about 30 times), I’m an “uncultured swine”.

I spend a lot of time in the loo. Peeing. I drink a LOT of water in a day, always have. But when you have a basketball compressing your bladder to a very small sliver, the pee breaks are frequent. Very frequent. To combat the middle-of-the-night breaks, I try to refrain from drinking anything after dinner. But when it’s hot, that’s a hard thing to do. I can make it through most nights, but as the end gets nearer, that likely won’t be the case anymore.

I’m also getting acid reflux. If I eat anything that’s too rich, or eat too big of a meal (we had RIBS last night, and you just can’t stop at one), I feel all sickly afterwards. You’d think the reflux would keep me from eating chocolate, but I guess it’s not that bad.

Don’t forget the gas. Come on, everyone farts, me included. Problem is, when I’m pregnant, I don’t get the warning gurgles so that I can leave the presence of people other than my 3 boys. All of a sudden, there it is. I’ve been caught unaware a couple of times, and nearly died of embarrassment. Matthew said he would have covered for me, but my explosion (ha ha) of giggles made it clear who the culprit was. Never mind that it was loud enough to be able to tell what direction it came from.

And I’m pretty hot all of the time. I’m usually cold, so it’s kind of nice right now, but come August I may not feel the same. The weather here will be even hotter, I will be even bigger, and likely not so upbeat about the whole thing. Nathan was an end of August baby, so I knew what I was getting into. I just need to stay around water, be in water, and drink lots of water. I will survive.

I’m starting week 26 today, and read this online this morning:

How Big is the Baby at 26 Weeks Pregnant?

Your baby has put on quite a bit of weight by pregnancy week 26 and is now a whopping 2 pounds (almost). Your baby’s crown-to-rump lengthis about 9-10 inches long, and her total length is about 12 inches during pregnancy 26 weeks! Your baby is now starting to add a little fat to her bones, though she won’t start accumulating too much fat until the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Only three months and then this pregnancy will be confirmed in the best way possible.

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  1. Vicki July 7, 2006 9:33 am edit

    I can empathize with you, completely. I am entering week 33 and I am hot, uncomfortable, and cannot get a full night of sleep. I guess our bladdars are just preparing us for middle of th enight feeds:)

  2. Amanda Franks July 7, 2006 12:16 pm edit

    It is unnervingly comforting to read that someone is going through all the same stuff right now! I’ve been told alot over the last two weeks that I “get bigger everyday”, and I know I must be pregnant because last night I CRAVED a cold glass of water. Only three more months! It’s going to go by so fast!!

  3. Kami July 7, 2006 12:31 pm edit

    Can’t wait to see pictures of the little bean!

    Time goes by so quickly, it’ll be here before I know it! Seeing as I am not the one with a watermelon in her tummy, it may not pass quite so quickly for you :)

  4. Jen July 7, 2006 12:37 pm edit

    Uncultured swine. hahaha. I use that line ALL THE TIME from Toy Story. ;)

  5. Heather July 7, 2006 1:34 pm edit

    I can’t wait to see pictures of your baby… :) Your kids are the cutest. :)

  6. Robyn July 7, 2006 2:44 pm edit

    I realise its probably going a lot slower for you but I find it amazing that you’re already entering the third trimester. How exciting when you get to meet your little munchkin properly!

  7. Hannah July 7, 2006 7:38 pm edit

    Ugh, I had BAD acid reflux when I was pregnant with Tyler. I REALLY don’t miss that!! I hear you on most of the other things though – peeing lots, being HOT and the bump getting in the way. But such a wonderful reason to have all those things to complain about, huh?! :-)

  8. Elizabeth July 7, 2006 9:00 pm edit

    Hah! Thanks for posting those things… it breaks the bug… for a bit

  9. Michael October 25, 2006 9:49 pm edit

    LoL. You sure had fun on your family road trip :-D You look back on what you wrote on the blog (when you’re preg.) and laugh on how you handled it! No problem…next time, why not have your big, strong, muscular man have the baby for you? LoL. Biologically impossible, but you deserve to rest your body dont u? I wonder if I’m female in a past life (or the next one)? When it comes to fate or destiny on deciding how your life is..You never know.+

  10. Michael October 25, 2006 9:52 pm edit

    26 weeks, half a year. But 14 more weeks is forever. Roger (my nephew) came six weeks earlier when his mom went to C-section. Too bad she didn’t stay with my bro Mark for long, and she’s not in Roger’s life in the last 3 years. It’s sad and unfair, but for the better Roger grows up with daddy. Nice to share your bodily functions…say I wonder you threw up? On long road trips you probably got carsick. And had your husband (or did you drive?) stop every hour on the way. Aahh…memories. +

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