I don’t know about you guys, but our last three days have been crammed with (fantastic) activities from dawn until (far past) dusk. I’ve taken over 500 photos, acquired a dozen or so mosquito bites, and laughed hard and long many times over. I don’t have time to process it all quite yet but I wanted to share something new to bump down that last post, lest I look like a comment junkie.

(Side note: You guys are amazing. I mean, I knew that, but you kind of blew me away. I had written that post in honor of two friends of mine who were discouraged. They wrote posts on the same topic after mine and were duly rewarded with some comment love. I really didn’t expect to see so many of you say hi, which is yet another case when surprise me when I least expect it. Yay, Internet!)

I thought it might be fun to start with the end of the weekend because it’s something I can share without having to process 300 photos and it’s REALLY COOL. Or, BARF-INDUCING. You decide.

I’ve mentioned in passing that Matthew works part-time at our church. He is not a Reverend or anything (My lifelong dream was to not be a Pastor’s wife), but he works with the Children’s and Families ministry (Read: Sunday school, et al). The woman whom he is taking over for has retired after sixteen years of pouring love into thousands of kids (including mine) and this weekend was the one that worked out to have the big farewell party. After morning service (where many tears were shed over the tributes to her), we headed to the park down at the beach.

There was a bounce house, a water park, hot dogs and hamburgers, chips and juice boxes. There were more laughs, more camaraderie and, yes, more mosquito bites.

Matthew arranged for a friend of ours to bring a big truck so that I could take an aerial view of those that managed to make it even though it was Father’s Day. By “big truck” I mean, “a bucket truck that would carry me TO THE SKY”.

I’m not even kidding.

I wasn’t at all afraid while putting on the harness, climbing in or as we started the ascent. That is, until the bucket would stop abruptly and SWAY BACK AND FORTH.

Each time that would happen I would do the slow-motion head shake. Because SERIOUSLY.

That’s me, SIXTY-FOUR FEET off of the ground.

When the bucket wasn’t doing the crazy-sway, I was fine. I even managed a princess wave, a curtsy and oh yeah, the photos.

The rest of the day consisted of a dinner of steaks that had been marinating for two days, complete with pan fries and a wicked salad (if I do say so myself). There was also ice cream and time spent cuddling on the couch and watching Transformers for the fiftieth time.

I can’t wait to tell you about the rest of our shenanigans. Soon. Ish.

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  1. K June 21, 2010 4:28 am edit

    That bucket looks crazy and your steak dinner sounds awesome!

  2. Eric's Mommy June 21, 2010 4:33 am edit

    I am so scared of heights! My knees shake and I get nauseous. You are so brave! I got goosebumps just looking at the photos of you in the bucket! Your pictures are awesome too I love the one of everybody waving, beautiful.

  3. Michelle June 21, 2010 5:30 am edit

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I love summer weekends that at filled with fun, family and sun! Can you share your marinade? I am always looking for a good one.

  4. angella June 21, 2010 9:01 pm edit
  5. Michelle June 21, 2010 5:58 am edit

    Sounds and looks like an awesome weekend! Summer weekends seem to be so busy and fly by, but man are they full of memories :)

  6. Ninabi June 21, 2010 6:27 am edit

    You went up in…THAT? Adds new meaning to the term “photobucket”…

    Gulp. All my pictures would have been blurry due to the uncontrollable shakes.

    What an amazing, wonderful weekend you had!

  7. Melissa June 21, 2010 7:12 am edit

    That is crazy! But you got some great photos!

  8. C @ Kid Things June 21, 2010 7:43 am edit

    Those are some great photos, but 64 FEET?! At least it was an experience, I’m sure, but I would have demanded hazard pay.
    .-= C @ Kid Things´s last blog ..Parenting Win =-.

  9. Ashley June 21, 2010 7:50 am edit

    Looks like ya’ll had a great time!

  10. Kami's Khlopchyk June 21, 2010 8:10 am edit

    You are the sweetest, really!

    My post did not have the same outcome as yours though…I think I must come off as annoying whereas you are eloquent and get your point across. Sigh.

    Great photos! But GAH. You are brave!
    .-= Kami’s Khlopchyk´s last blog ..Commenting, Take One =-.

  11. Danica June 21, 2010 9:09 am edit

    Hokey Dinah you were up high girlie. What a great view though.
    .-= Danica´s last blog ..Tid Bits =-.

  12. Wende Moran June 21, 2010 10:44 am edit

    Angella, I love that last picture the best,it’s so beautiful!

  13. Kristabella June 21, 2010 10:50 am edit

    Holy crap! I saw your tweets but couldn’t imagine 64 feet and DAMN! That is high!
    .-= Kristabella´s last blog ..Maybe He’s Crying Out For Help? =-.

  14. hillary June 21, 2010 12:05 pm edit

    you are very brave. just looking at your photos makes me a bit clenchy.
    .-= hillary´s last blog ..In Your Secret Garden There Is No One Who Gets The Key To Your Heart =-.

  15. Domestic Extraordinaire June 21, 2010 1:49 pm edit

    I am varying in my responses of “That is totally cool and I wish I could get an aerial shot of something like that” to “Are you flipping nuts no way in the world you would be able to get me up there without me losing my lunch for the past week or more.”

    I need to catch up, I have been hanging with the kids more and on the computer less. I blame the awesomeness of my iPhone (and well my girls too!)

    Miss you lady!
    .-= Domestic Extraordinaire´s last blog ..You Capture-Water =-.

  16. Hannah June 21, 2010 2:27 pm edit

    Aww, you are so kind! My post did encourage me, and I’ve decided that I will keep blogging. Just at my own pace, and without the guilt. Must write a post explaining that!

    As for your weekend, WOW!!! That is HIGH! But what an awesome way to get amazing photos of the beautiful place you live in!
    .-= Hannah´s last blog ..To blog or not to blog? =-.

  17. Rebecca June 21, 2010 6:26 pm edit

    Spectacular Pictures!! WooHoo!
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..Happy Father’s Day. =-.

  18. Donna Y June 21, 2010 7:03 pm edit

    I think I can speak on behalf of most actual pastor’s wives and say that it wasn’t our lifelong dream either! ;)

    For my 15th birthday, I bungee jumped off a 70-foot high platform. My view of the strip of a tourist town in the Great Smoky Mountains wasn’t as nice as your view from the cherry picker!

  19. Mama in the City June 21, 2010 9:52 pm edit

    WOW. That looks like major fun times in a scary kind of way. I love it! You told a really great story.
    .-= Mama in the City´s last blog ..Week 4 Celebrations! Pop The Champagne Please! =-.

  20. Shelby June 21, 2010 10:22 pm edit

    Great pictures from up there! I have a question regarding commenting…I want to know of any comments that may pertain to mine, ie. answer question, give links, etc, but whenever I have checked the box “notify me of follow up comments via email” my email is overrun! Any other way to stay on top. Otherwise I feel like I leave a comment and the interaction stops there.

  21. angella June 21, 2010 10:30 pm edit

    I’d love to reply personally to every single comment, but sometimes life gets in the way. However! If someone asks a question I will either hit this reply button so that it gets posted here AND gets emailed to you, or I’ll reply privately via email. :)

  22. Elaine June 21, 2010 10:28 pm edit

    Mmmm…pan fries…

    Nice pictures too – I’m loving the lengths you’ll go to! HA!
    .-= Elaine´s last blog ..A Day Late and a Lightbulb (or two) Short =-.

  23. Jennifer Kirk June 21, 2010 11:51 pm edit

    Oh my. You’re very brave. I’m not scared of heights at all but heights in a swaying bucket?? Barf.
    Nice job.
    .-= Jennifer Kirk´s last blog ..My happy place… =-.

  24. Janssen June 22, 2010 7:04 am edit

    Okay, THAT takes some guts. I’m totally impressed.
    .-= Janssen´s last blog ..Retirement Food =-.

  25. Heather June 22, 2010 11:07 pm edit

    haha! that’s awesome! :)

  26. Kerri Anne June 23, 2010 12:54 pm edit

    Hurrah! for shenanigans. Also for Great Buckets In The Sky. Nothing like a little extra adrenaline on a Sunday afternoon! (And great! pics, as always.)
    .-= Kerri Anne´s last blog ..Est. 1982 =-.

  27. Jen Wilson June 23, 2010 9:37 pm edit


    Love the from-way-up-there photos. But there is NO WAY you could get me up there!!

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