One of the best things that I’ve loved about returning to being self-employed for the past year is the ability to be more involved in my kids’ daily school life. It’s also enabled me to run more and start training for my first half marathon, but that’s not today’s story. I do school pick up and drop off most days, and have been volunteering both in the classroom and on field trips.

(I also still have to get all of my work done, so I wake up early and stay up late and ignore a lot of the Internet distractions that many people succumb to. (I’ve heard people talk about something called Candy Crush?) I’m out of the loop most of the time, but love knowing my kids’ teachers, their friends, and their friends’ parents.)

One of the highlights of the year was helping with journals in Emily’s first grade class. At the beginning of the year, us parent helpers would be sounding out every. single. word. Now, the kids are writing like fiends without our help. Reading their spellings of some of the words they sound out is especially fantastic and as I stand there being pretty much useless as a helper, I am in awe at how far they’ve come.

June is the last month of school and in order to keep us all up to speed, I printed out the school calendar that they emailed us and taped it to the fridge. I decided to highlight every activity/field trip/beach day that our kids were involved in. There is highlighter on EVERY SINGLE DAY. Some days see TWO different grades highlighted. I don’t help out with every event, but I help out where I can and it’s been so much fun. As much as this next week is insane with work deadlines, I’m going to volunteer as much as I can with school activities because it’s almost over. One week from today, we’re on summer holidays, with no creative teacher to plan fun field trips.

Here are some of the snapshots I’ve shared in the past few weeks.

Monkey Graham

Walkin The Plank

Bumper boats

Miss Emily

Nate Dawg

Nathan's bike rodeo

Drowned rat

GH Marathon

There will be more to follow, and I’d apologize for the barrage but I can’t. They’re only at this stage for so few years and I am the luckiest to be able to be a part of it.

(Graham also still holds my hand every once in awhile, but you didn’t hear it from me.)

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  1. Jen Wilson June 20, 2013 11:53 am edit

    I actually wish I could help out more with my girls’ classes. But having two toddlers around doesn’t bode well for that, unfortunately. BUT! My mother-in-law is coming to babysit the younger two on Friday so I can go with Kaylie’s class on a field trip, so that should be quite fun. Also the first time in the three years she’s been at that school that I’ve helped out.

    Preston will likely be the only kid to have me involved in his class when he’s in the younger grades, as there’s nobody after him. I guess this is the benefit to having kids close together – they’re all in school at the same time! Kaylie will be in 10th grade by the time Preston is in kindergarten.

  2. Loukia June 20, 2013 3:32 pm edit

    Your pictures are always so lovely to look at, Angella! And I love that you’re able to do all these things you love. I am seriously considering leaving my gov’t job earlier than October… we’ll see. I certainly won’t be running any marathons, though! ;)

  3. Hannah June 20, 2013 5:30 pm edit

    Great photos! I’m sure your kids are ever so grateful that you are able to help out with their school events. I will always remember my Dad helping at school camp. Kids do remember this stuff. That’s one of the major reasons I decided to work from home once Ethan started school – I don’t have to miss anything, and I can help on class trips as well :-)

  4. Ashley S June 20, 2013 7:25 pm edit

    We’ve just entered the world of “real” school (as opposed to preschool, of which I have one left in) and I am amazed at ALL of the things they have these little guys scheduled for this month. It’s left us all exhausted, you must be finished!

  5. Danica June 24, 2013 9:26 pm edit

    Fun. Timez.

    This morning as I signed the last two permission slips of the year it dawned on me that I didn’t make a single field trip this year.

    Stupid day job.

    Just kidding. Work is good! But I’m still sad I missed out.

  6. Fizaa Khan June 26, 2013 4:46 am edit

    Great Picture and also very very cute kids. Best Of Luck.

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