Settling In

It’s been a month since I announced that I was going on my own and I’ve been … wait for it … busy. Busy¬†with life (always), but also busy working. Old clients have followed me and new clients have walked by and come in to make my acquaintance. Being in the best location in town […]

Ready To Launch

A long time ago, in a land far away, a young girl decided that she wanted to be…an accountant. She went to school, she studied, she articled, and she wrote a four-day exam. In November of the year 2000, she learned that she had passed that final hurdle and had earned the right to call […]

Hard Love

Many moons ago, buried somewhere in the depths of the archives of this space, I wrote about how Matthew told me, “Everything you touch turns to gold.” He was not wrong. It has been the story of my life. It was a perfect storm for success: A gifted student, who skipped third grade and who […]

The Fifth Season

It’s that time of year that us accountants who work in public practice affectionately refer to as Tax Season. (By “affectionately”, I mean “matter-of-factly.”) This isn’t my first Tax Season, and will not be my last, but this one has kicked my tail. I’m working weekends (Just Saturdays), but not the long days I’ve worked […]

Stressed Out

It’s been three weeks since I started my new job, and three weeks since I last wrote a post. These two things are (obviously) related. There really are only so many hours in a day, and those hours have filled up fast. Adding something that large to our family unit takes a few weeks to […]

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