If you’re friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen a pretty repetitive feed of blue skies and water. I’m working shorter hours for the summer so that I can take the kids to the beach. It means that less money is going into my bank account, but it also means […]

Praying For Rain

We live in desert country, so we are used to our summers hearing about forest fires and wild fires and having friends evacuated and seeing the sky covered in a thin haze. It comes and it goes and it’s part of life here. This year has been different. Spring started in February (I ran outside […]

Walking On Water

If you’ve read the Bible story about walking on water (or heard about it), you know that it’s about faith and trust. Trust and faith. They are tied together. We’re in a holding pattern over here until Wednesday (as I talked about last week), and many of you commented or messaged me. I gave you […]


The winter weather where we live is not the stereotypical “Canada weather” that our dear Americans refer to. We live at the top of the Sonoran desert, which comes all of the way from California. We live in an area that happens to get some snow down below, with more snow in the mountains. We […]

Life In A Small Town

I grew up in two different small towns in Northern B.C. (Holla, Kitimat and Rupert!) and vowed that I would never live in a small town ever again. I lived in Vancouver for six years, and Vancouver will always feel like home to me. When I married Matthew, we agreed to move back to his […]

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