Winter Running

I’ve been a runner for quite a few years now, and I run three days a week. This is the 5th winter that I keep my running routine outdoors, because I hate running on a treadmill (and I love the outdoors!). Truth be told, I prefer winter running to summer running because your body temperature […]

Action Packed

This past weekend was ActionFest here in Summerland. It’s a big weekend for many, whether you’re an active person or not. As long time readers know, I help organize a “marathon” at the elementary school my kids attend/attended. (The boys are in middle school and it’s Emily’s LAST YEAR in elementary school. See also: I am […]

Stressed Out

It’s been three weeks since I started my new job, and three weeks since I last wrote a post. These two things are (obviously) related. There really are only so many hours in a day, and those hours have filled up fast. Adding something that large to our family unit takes a few weeks to […]

Run On

I haven’t written about running here in a while, because it’s just a part of my weekly routine. I run three days a week, and it’s usually with friends. I get my run in, and a visit with people I love, and it’s all good. My companions have faded away, for personal or health reasons, […]


I’ve written about the “marathon” at my kids’ elementary school a number of times, and my April post about the kickoff sums it up pretty well. Last Friday was the last two laps to complete their 42.2 km to complete the marathon, though many kids ran many more laps than were required because they wanted […]

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