The Fireplace: Before and After

One question that I hear whenever I run into someone that I haven’t seen in awhile is, “How is your new house coming along?” Out loud, I tell them that it’s coming along really well and in my mind I think that I need to post some more updates. I’ve posted photos of our kitchen […]

The Addition

I considered holding off posting photos of our new bedroom and ensuite bathroom until the trim was put up, but patience is not a virtue I hold. And, based on our last house renovation where we finished the trim in rooms the week before we listed it for sale, it could be decades before the […]

The Kitchen: Before and (Almost) After

As you saw when I posted the photos of the house we won in court by ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN DOLLARS AND TWENTY CENTS, the kitchen was built in 1965. It was cute, for its era. I had a different vision, which had everything to do with ripping the old out and replacing it with the white […]

Office Space

Do you remember when we started knocking down walls and taking names? We had a vision of creating an office (and piano) space to the left of our dining area. (That is our deck furniture, for the record. The kitchen table that Matthew built has been set up now (Yay!). Photo to follow.) As of yesterday, my […]

The Kitchen Sink

If you ever buy a house that needs to be renovated, DO NOT LIVE IN IT WHILE DOING SO. We did this with our last house, and it was ridiculous. We bought our new house and as you all know, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. It’s more sleeping on mattresses on the floor and […]

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