Only The Lonely

My kids attend a sleep away camp every year and are gone for six nights straight. I know that many people rejoice for the parenting break that comes when their kids are away, and some have kids who go away for an entire summer (!), but I have to admit that it’s a little hard […]

Spring Loaded

Excuse me for stating the obvious, but having kids makes your life busier than if it were just you. Having three kids is especially busy, and there are days when I think “I had three kids on purpose.” I love my three, and could not imagine life without them, but there are three beings who […]

Phoning It In

Back in April, I wrote over at YMC about the reasons why I thought that it might be time for Graham to have a cell phone. Those reasons still stand, eight months later. There have been multiple times where after-school plans have changed, and I have no way to communicate them to G. I’ve taken […]

Be Aggressive

Last night, as I was making dinner and G was working on his homework, he made a comment along the lines of, “I like this binder, but a bigger binder would be SO AWESOME.” I kept chopping vegetables, and putting things into the oven, and didn’t even respond to his comment. Passive aggressive comments are something […]

It Gets Better

It doesn’t get better. It gets different. When you are in the throes of three kids born in under four years, and none of them are in school (and two of them are in diapers), you are told that it will get better. You will enter a land of no diapers (And, sadly, no naps), […]

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