Let’s Play Ball

If you know Nathan at all, then you know that he cannot stop moving. He goes to school an hour early so that he can shoot hoops/toss a football/play ball with his friends. During the school year he played for the school basketball team, was part of the Orca swim club, and then played spring […]

Only The Lonely

My kids attend a sleep away camp every year and are gone for six nights straight. I know that many people rejoice for the parenting break that comes when their kids are away, and some have kids who go away for an entire summer (!), but I have to admit that it’s a little hard […]

In Disguise

Halloween was a billion years ago in Internet time, but I love to do the recap for the grandparents and anyone else who missed it on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter. This is probably the last year that we trick or treat all together because Graham is in seventh grade (!) and will probably start doing the (Trick or […]

Not A Bad Thing

After missing the last two weeks of the last school year and the first three weeks of this school year, my kids are finally (FINALLY) back in school. Graham moved to his new teacher today and Nathan and Emily will find out their new teachers and classmates tomorrow. There are some nerves about that, but […]

About A Boy

Nathan, my second boy, my middle child, turns ten today. Ten. Double digits. Still a boy, but veering toward being a man. His legs get longer every day and he is now only a few inches shorter than I am. (I’m 5’7″. Our Doctor thinks he’ll be about 6’4″ when he finally stops growing.) He […]

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