Friday morning mountain run, done! #running #summerlandbc #db via Instagram

The snow has melted and the sun has returned. We’ve got this, my fellow seasonally affected friends. #summerlandbc #db via Instagram

I call shenanigans, Mother Nature. The dogs sure are happy though. #snow #toosoon #summerlandbc #db via Instagram

It was my first time wearing Trax (And a toque!) since last winter, and my first non-mountain/in-town run since the snow melted in the spring. (Some of the trails are quite narrow and tumbling down a mountainside isn’t on my bucket list.) I’m not used to winter arriving so early and so furiously, but maybe […]

Sunday morning mountain run with Diesel. I didn’t feel like going, but I went anyway, and got into my groove in no time. #running #summerlandbc #db via Instagram

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