Fifteen Years

As of May 20th, 2015, we’ve been married for fifteen years. FIFTEEN YEARS. We’ve been together for 15 and a half years. When you know, you know. You know? I will write a deeper post when time allows, but for now I’ll repost a previous anniversary post. I get to be married to the most […]

Up, Up, and Away

My birthday is rapidly approaching (Next week!) and to help celebrate, Matthew suggested that we get away to the cabin for a night without the kids. We often dream of getting away for a night — just a night! — but the kids aren’t quite old enough to leave them at home alone. Enter my […]

Lucky Number Thirteen

Thirteen years ago today, I walked down the aisle towards Matthew and never looked back. It all started with family and friends around as I got my hair did and my makeup done. Soon it was time to head to the church. Me and my Daddy. I think I know which parent I look like. […]

Over Easy

Last spring I told you guys about the seventy-five (!) baby chicks that we ordered and received via Canada Post. The twenty-five “meat chickens” from that shipment all died peaceful deaths while listening to Yanni. (That’s not the truth; Matthew butchered them.)(Off with their heads!)(They make rather tasty roasted dinners.) The remaining fifty chicks grew […]

How To Refinish Wood Floors

Last Wednesday afternoon, as I was hurtling towards my death hotel in a New York City cab, I scrolled through my Instagram feed. Linda had posted a photo of the wood floors under her carpet and was wondering if refinishing them would be a doable DIY project, as the cost for somebody else to do […]

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