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I did not plan a Foto Friday post for today as the week has been busy. We have been soaking up every second of these record-breaking temperatures, and in my spare time (Ha!) I have been a canning machine. Yesterday I did two (Two!) batches of plum chutney. Today’s plan is to can some more […]

How To Take Photos With A Blurry Background

There are times when you want your entire photo to be in focus. (f/20, ISO 200, 1/50 sec) There are other times, however, that you want only a small portion of your photo to be in focus and the rest of it blurry.  You can always manipulate it after the fact in a photo editing […]

How To Take Really Crisp Photos

1.  Use The Lowest ISO That You Can I explained ISO last fall so I will keep this short and sweet.  The lower the ISO, the sharper your photo.  This all depends on available light, of course.  Basically you want to use the lowest ISO setting that you can get away with so that you […]

Summer Photo Tips

I know. It is the fourth of JUU-LYY in the US of A.  Such a great time to revive Foto Friday.  Whenever there is a holiday in the US, the Internet seems to go eerily silent.  This may be due to the fact that a large portion of my readers (and who I read) are […]

Camera Bags And Photography Links

It appears that the Internet Rule Of Opposites is at play here. You know the one. You post something on the Internet and then your Life reads what you posted and turns a 180 on you? Like when I said that Foto Friday was a burden and I was letting go? Not quitting, but taking […]

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