Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Nathan and Emily both took up baseball two years ago and loved it. They loved it so much that they played it again this past spring at their respective age levels. Nathan then tried out for the Penticton summer rep team, made it, and they went on to play at Provincials. Nathan is now playing […]


If you’re friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen a pretty repetitive feed of blue skies and water. I’m working shorter hours for the summer so that I can take the kids to the beach. It means that less money is going into my bank account, but it also means […]

Let’s Play Ball

If you know Nathan at all, then you know that he cannot stop moving. He goes to school an hour early so that he can shoot hoops/toss a football/play ball with his friends. During the school year he played for the school basketball team, was part of the Orca swim club, and then played spring […]

Only The Lonely

My kids attend a sleep away camp every year and are gone for six nights straight. I know that many people rejoice for the parenting break that comes when their kids are away, and some have kids who go away for an entire summer (!), but I have to admit that it’s a little hard […]

Action Packed

This past weekend was ActionFest here in Summerland. It’s a big weekend for many, whether you’re an active person or not. As long time readers know, I help organize a “marathon” at the elementary school my kids attend/attended. (The boys are in middle school and it’s Emily’s LAST YEAR in elementary school. See also: I am […]

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