Hard Love

Many moons ago, buried somewhere in the depths of the archives of this space, I wrote about how Matthew told me, “Everything you touch turns to gold.” He was not wrong. It has been the story of my life. It was a perfect storm for success: A gifted student, who skipped third grade and who […]

Happy New Year

:: Blows dust off of keyboard :: That above phrase is figurative, for while I haven’t posted in a few weeks, the keyboard I’m typing on belongs to the shiny new Macbook Pro that Matthew bought me (with my full knowledge beforehand) for Christmas. As with all things tech-related, I needed/wanted something newer and faster, […]

Bring It On

Anyone else out there who writes their feelings on the Internet knows that it’s a form of therapy. It’s free (aside from web-hosting costs), it’s a way to dump out your brain, and it’s a chance to let others know you are struggling. You hit Publish, you walk away from the computer, you curl up […]

Time Out

I’m not in a good place right now. Matthew texted that to me last week while I was with the kids at Orca. I have said the same thing to a few friends this week. Things are great, and amazing, and weird, and difficult. I can’t talk about it, here, though I would love to. […]

Family Camp

Five years ago, our church family decided to organize a Family Camp at a camp only thirty minutes from here. It sits on the same lake that we spend most of our summer days at, but just north of us. This year was the sixth year of Family Camp, and the sixth year that while […]

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