Only The Lonely

My kids attend a sleep away camp every year and are gone for six nights straight. I know that many people rejoice for the parenting break that comes when their kids are away, and some have kids who go away for an entire summer (!), but I have to admit that it’s a little hard […]

Little Miss Fish

We live in a desert area that hosts many large lakes, which we spend time at almost every day at during the summer. As soon as the dudes turned three, we enrolled them in swimming lessons for a few years to teach them water safety. When Miss Emily turned three, we did the same and […]

Girl Power

I’ve written numerous times about being a ‘big girl’ growing up. I have a ‘large frame’ (My Doctor told me that many women claim to have a large frame, but that my claim is legit) and I have a metabolism that runs at the pace of a snail having a nap and then deciding to […]

Artsy Fartsy

Emily has been an Artist for as long as she’s been able to move and create. She sings, she dances, and she draws me beautiful pictures, usually with an “I LOVE YOU MOM” caption. She draws with sidewalk chalk, she uses markers to colour in books, and she uses pencils to draw renditions of characters […]

My Mini Me

My Mom was here when Emily was born, and upon Emily’s arrival, she said she felt like she was looking at me when I was born. We often get comments that she looks like me, and I definitely see it. She has my big blue eyes, my nose, my cheeks, and my smile. There’s no […]

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