Kid-Friendly Volunteering Ideas

We live in a small town (Population 11,000 ish) that consists of many retirees, as well as many young families. It may look like your average sleepy little hamlet, but anyone who lives here — or even visits –will tell you that there’s something special about our community. A large part of that is reflected […]

It’s Over

January is over. I’m stating the obvious, yes, but from what I’ve seen and heard, January was a bit of a jerk to many. Or, January is simply insane. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” We’ve all soared on the high of December for thirty-one […]

About Blissdom

Almost six weeks ago, I boarded a plane to Toronto for the sixth October in a row to attend Blissdom Canada. I haven’t written about it yet, because life was beyond crazy, for many reasons that I haven’t shared (yet) and some that I have. I also had a packed work schedule on top of […]

ROAM If You Want To

I’ve attended Blissdom Canada every year since it began. I’ve been a speaker, an ambassador, and a community leader. When I got an email about the offshoot ROAM event happening in Kelowna, I was amazed that a (non) conference was going to be in my area of the Okanagan. I knew that it was something […]


Many years ago (Eight, maybe?), Nataly Kogan took a chance on me and hired me for my very first freelance writing gig at her (former) site Work It! Mom. My duties expanded and I was in charge of recruiting guest posters, creating slideshows, making gift guides, and more. Nataly sold the site to create the […]

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