When I Sing

Last Friday night I packed up the Suburban with my best girl and a few necessities and headed up to Apex. The rental season is upon us, so it was time to get it ready for the lovely people who share our space (and pay our annual bills). Matthew and the boys had other plans […]

Time To Reboot

The past few weeks have been busier than my normal ‘windmilling-through-life” everyday experience. I attended ROAM and will write about that soon, because I have finally had time to proces it and want to share what I took away from it. I was then away for another reason that is not my story to tell, even […]

Close Margins

It’s no secret that we sold our house. Why did we sell our house? It is a lovely home on a pretty acreage that we renovated for over ten years and made it ours. It’s the only home we’ve ever owned, the home we brought all of our newborn babies home to, and is a […]


Last August, we made the decision to put our house up for sale. I haven’t written about the reasons why, but I will. Promise. We’ve had a number of people come through for showings and every single one of them LOVED it. I mean, how could you not? Each one of them had a reason […]


Life is busy, but it will be busy for the next thirty years or so. I’ve come to the realization that getting through the week/month only means that I’ll then have to make it through the next week/month. When one commitment ends, another takes its place, and so on and so forth. Discouraging? A little […]

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