This site has become an extension of myself. These are the things that make it tick.

  1. Hosted by Bluehost. They rock. You should use them.
  2. This site is powered by WordPress. I have used others (Blogger, Moveable Type) and will never return.
  3. I use the Feedburner plugin to direct all traffic to Feedburner.
  4. I decided to start a sideblog, using the sideblog plugin.
  5. Spam be gone! I use the Auto Shut Off Comments to stop spam in its tracks.
  6. Subscribe to Comments 2.1 – you peeps can choose to subscribe, if you so wish.
  7. Comment Luv plug-in, which shows each commenter’s last blog post title. I’m about sharing the love, folks.
  8. Gravatar plug-in, so we can all see your pretty faces. (I haven’t got this one to work yet, but am leaving the link for those who are better at me in getting plug-ins to work.

I plan on adding more…when I have free time. Ha!

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