My Mom was here when Emily was born, and upon Emily’s arrival, she said she felt like she was looking at me when I was born. We often get comments that she looks like me, and I definitely see it. She has my big blue eyes, my nose, my cheeks, and my smile. There’s no arguing that she’s my daughter, but it’s not the same “mini-mi” dynamic that Matthew and Nathan have. Until today.

My sister Mel posted some photos on Facebook for #tbt (Throw Back Thursday for the grandparents) and my mouth dropped open. I think you can see why.

Mini Me and Mel

(That’s me on the left. But you knew that.)

People didn’t get doubles printed in the eighties and so the photos I have differ from Mel’s. I don’t remember that one, but woah. It’s like a photo of Emily with a low-quality eighties filter.

Here are two more that Mel shared (Aren’t we adorable?):

Oh, 1980

Buck Tooth

Mind, blown. Genetics are fascinating and it’s pretty obvious that my side of the gene pool won this round.


Life Made Delicious

I received my holiday box of fun from the folks over at Life Made Delicious, and none of it has gone to waste. I tried the Restaurante Soft Taco Kit and have purchased it twice as part of Taco Tuesday over here. I used the new cookie cutters when I made the Pillsbury Sugar Cookies that disappeared almost as quickly as it took me to bake them. I use the oven mitts exclusively, because they are so festive! I gave the gluten-free product to a friend who has Celiac, and she gave it two thumbs up.

I have yet to try the chocolate chip cookies, but I made the Ultimate Chocolate brownies (Upper right) and they were Ultimately Awesome. I like chocolate, but Matthew loves chocolate. It’s one of his main food groups and he needs it daily in order to survive. I made these brownies and it took a lot of convincing to get him to share them with the rest of us. So, if you’re in need of a good browning but don’t want to make it from scratch, here you go.



… is a day off.

I’m windmilling my way through the month of December, as are most of our friends. Why are three months of activities crammed into one month? We’re all working, and balancing kids’ activities, and church Christmas musicals, and school productions, and birthday parties, and year-end demand and it’s all a bit much. A lot too much, if I’m being honest. I’ve rarely been online and have missed some pretty big things happening in the lives of people I love.

The busyness has the upside, in that my kids have had some great stuff going on. Graham turns twelve on the 29th, and for his party we took a couple of his friends up to the cabin. Friday night was spent eating all of the food and watching Guardians of the Galaxy. Saturday morning was spent sledding.
Sledding party!

Nate Diggity

Miss Emily


The rest of the weekend was different, but equally amazing (AND BUSY). My bed is calling me, so it’s a story for another day.


Back in April, I wrote over at YMC about the reasons why I thought that it might be time for Graham to have a cell phone. Those reasons still stand, eight months later. There have been multiple times where after-school plans have changed, and I have no way to communicate them to G. I’ve taken the kids up to the cabin solo a few times, and if I want to take the dogs for a walk and they don’t want to join, I leave them my phone. This means that I’m hiking in the mountains with no way to communicate with anyone should something go wrong. The ski season is now open, which means that G will be skiing with friends again sans parents and I think he (and I) need that way to communicate to check in with each other.

I called my carrier (Rogers) and as I typed this, a new line has been added to my plan and an iPhone 6 is making its way to my house. (The iPhone 6 is for me, and he’s getting my iPhone 5. I love him, but he doesn’t get to iOutrank me.)

It’s kind of weird for me to have a kid who is going to have a phone, and have the ability to text and phone people. We made the decision for this not to be a Christmas or birthday present for him, because then he would feel like he owned it. Instead, I’ve made it clear that this is my phone — I pay for it, it’s on my account — and because of that, it is a privilege, and not a right. The data will be turned off — he can use wifi at home — and if he turns it on in town he is well aware that all data usage shows up in my Rogers App. He can turn data on if a situation arises that he needs it, but aside from that the phone is to be used for texting and phone calls only, because unlimited access to the Internet without parental supervision can lead to dangerous situations.

So, yeah. This guy:

Is now a tween with his own telephone (Sometime this week). Totally weird, but totally awesome. It’s a new frontier.

(On that note, I shared this on Facebook the other day:

Emily: “Mommy, when were you born?”

Graham: “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”)

When the Mom Central Canada crew sent out an email about their latest blog tour, I signed up immediately, because this:

Camp & Cabin blue plaid

(That’s not me, but you knew that.)

A onsie for women, you guys! Snugabye has been making cozy and comfy sleep and loungewear for little ones for over sixty years. Camp & Cabin Snugabye thought it was about time to make about time to make some for moms. YES. You all know that we have a cabin at the ski hill and having my own plaid Onsie was something I wasn’t going to miss out on. I chose the one pictured above, and it should arrive before we head up to the cabin next weekend. PERFECT.

They are having a contest, and you should head over there to enter. Participants in the contest have a chance to win One (1) of Three (3) prize packs, which include the following:

One (1) x Camp & Cabin Onesie of their choice
One (1) x $100 VISA gift card

The contest is open to Canada and the US, but excludes Quebec. (Sorry, my French-Canadian friends!)
Camp & Cabin

Also! There is the promo code COZY to receive $15 off a Camp and Cabin Adult onesies ONLY. You’ll have to order soon though, as the drop-dead date is December 20, 2014.

Go! Enter! And order presents for all of the women (and men! and children!), because onesie jammies.

Disclosure: I am part of the Snugabye Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own.

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