Hiking with the minions
As Murphy’s Law would dictate, I wrote about everything being up in the air on Monday night, and then everything changed on Tuesday morning. The teachers’ union and the government agreed on a tentative agreement (The parties involved need to vote and ratify the agreement on Thursday and Friday, but things are looking good)(If they don’t vote YES, then I will lose all faith in humanity).

I got a text on Tuesday morning from our Realtors, wondering if we could have our house ready for a showing on Wednesday afternoon. Of course we could! The kids did their regular chores, we threw in some laundry, and were (literally) walking out the door with beach bags on our shoulders (It’s still summer here), when Amanda texted me. It was 1:45 and she wondered if we could manage a last-minute showing from another Realtor at 2:30. We spent thirty minutes running up and down stairs, putting dishes that were drying on the counter away, and making sure that all surfaces were clutter-free.

We got into the Suburban and I cranked up the A/C, as you do when you spend thirty minutes in an impromptu stair workout.

(The people we did hill repeats for love our house, and plan to go home and put their house up for sale.)

For today’s showing (no feedback yet), the kids and I cleaned and tidied and I’m pretty sure that our house is the most immaculate it’s ever been. Having no feedback yet could mean they hate it, or that they love it. Or something unrelated.

The kids and I took the dogs for a walk on the Trans Canada trail this afternoon while we had to be away from home and it was good as it gets. We walked, we talked, and the dogs got to run up and down the mountain to get their poop out.

Things are still up in the air, but things are also moving. Maybe our house will move tomorrow, or maybe it will move six months from now. Or maybe somewhere in between. My kids will likely be moving to to school next week, which is what everyone is looking forward to.

Here’s to everything moving forward.


Well over three years ago, I signed on to be a food blogger for lifemadedelicious.ca. Life Made Delicious is a site hosted by General Mills Canada and it’s where they share recipes based on their products (Which we use very often, and is why I threw my hat into the ring when the call was made). There has been a bit of a hiatus over the past four months as changes were made to the site, and to the roster of bloggers, and to the people who are the ones managing us food bloggers and dealing with the people at General Mills.

The program has changed a bit, and I think that it’s for good. I’ll still be posting recipes on the LMD site, but I’ll also be sharing recipes here. They may be family favorites, they may be inspired by seasonal prompts, and they may be based on the monthly care packages of product that is sent my way. Speaking of those care packages…

THIS arrived on Monday.

New treats!

You all know that I’m a fan of the Fibre One cookies, and my kids were blown away by the Dunkaroos. Apparently I’ve been a bad Mom for not buying them for my kids (Please), but it was interesting to see comments on Instagram and Twitter from people who thought that Dunkaroos did not exist anymore.

(Spoiler: They do. And they are delicious.)

I was pretty excited about the Chicken Tinga kit (and still am). It’s on the meal plan for this week and I’ll be sure to write about it.

I hope you’ll bear with me when I share recipes here (I have no idea why so many people rage against food photos), but I’m excited that my wee little recipe blog I started a decade ago has led me to this place where  get to create and share recipes as one of my (many) jobs.

Here’s to some good food, friends.

Nickleplate Lake

I like routine. I like schedules that I can plan around, and lists upon lists that I write and cross items off of (By hand — no app will ever replace the satisfaction of using a pen to paper for a strikethrough). Structure (that I can be free with) makes my world feel balanced and centred. I’m used to that structured routine being disrupted for the two months of summer break, but this current fight between the teachers’ union and the government mean that my kids have now been out of school for three months. The news I read today first made me hopeful, because the union and the government talked all weekend. Then I read that our Premier wanted to get this settled before she left on a trip to India. On October 9th. My hope deflated like a three-day-old helium balloon.

I know very well that we have it so much better than teachers and other workers and businesses who are connected to the school system. I have steady work, both accounting-related and writing-related. We’re not wondering how we’re going to feed our kids, or pay our mortgage, and we’re not living off of debt. That aside, it’s been pretty stressful to balance work (Me and Matthew) and school (Matthew) on top of these three beings who also need structure to function well and miss their friends, and want to learn.

Strike stuff aside, having our house up for sale is another great unknown. It will sell, but when? It could be next week, it could be a few months from now. We found the most perfect house, but someone who wasn’t waiting for their house to sell snatched it up. We knew it could happen, and weren’t really surprised that it did, but it was SO PERFECT. We’re living in the limbo of keeping our house super clean for showings and kind of keeping our eye on other houses on the market, because what if our house sells next week? But then what if it doesn’t and we find another house that is PERFECT and we watch it sail away into the arms of another buyer who isn’t waiting for their house to sell?

When we found out that the house we loved had an accepted offer, we talked about our options. Our house hasn’t sold (Yet), but it will. When we listed our house, we didn’t even know about our (New) Dream Home, so there could very well be another one (or three) pop up for sale. And, if we sell our house and there isn’t a house that we deem to be a good fit, we always have Apex. We won’t be homeless. We’ll be commuting, but that’s a big MAYBE. We have NO IDEA how this will all play out, but the fact that we won’t be homeless gives us a bit of peace amidst all of the unknown.

Speaking of Apex, we headed up last week because (There was no school, and because) we could. There was a lot of hiking, and a full day of stocking up firewood for the weekend. Matthew used his chainsaw to chop up dead trees, and I used the muscles I earn at Boot Camp to fire all of the wood into the trailer. (Hashtag Euphemism)

Welcome to the gun show

Nathan spent the weekend using an ax to make kindling, and even felled his very first tree.

Nathan the Lumberjack!

Wood aside (Ha), it was a great weekend of enjoying the endless summer we have every September.

(Hashtag The Okanagan Wins)


As soon as we get to Apex, I feel my entire body relax and exhale. With all of the uncertainty and unknowns, I think it’s going to be a large part of keeping us somewhat balanced until we get back into our usual routine and live in our new house, wherever that may be.


The F Dock

It’s no secret that our kids haven’t been in school since mid-June, and while I’m the eternal optimist, I’m not seeing any hope of a settlement in the near future. My kids want to go to school, teachers want to teach (and get paid), other people affected by the strike (bus drivers, parents) want to get paid/not scramble for child care. Everybody’s frustrated, and hope of a resolution has waned. It will happen, sometime. Maybe?

We’re lucky in that we have flexible schedules, but those schedules are based around having the kids in school six hours a day. We’re trading shifts, and doing our best to keep our kids active, and working late into the evenings to make up for the hours spent hiking and swimming and whatever it takes to make three hours of Minecraft not a reality.

I’ve been having the kids read for thirty minutes a day, and do math games online, and journal every day to keep their writing skills sharp. Graham’s entry from yesterday includes a lines that summed up the whole school situation.

“Il n’y pas ecole parce que le profs et le gouvernement ne sont pas amis.”

(There is no school because the teachers and the government are not friends.)

(He’s in French immersion.)

On Monday, while friends and family in Alberta were posting photos of snow (!), I took the kids to the beach for a couple of hours in the afternoon, as we do. I’m thankful that we live in such an amazing place, but I’d be even more thankful if my kids were in school — learning – as they should be.

We’re not the only ones struggling with balancing it all, or trying to make ends meet, or wanting the best for our kids. I think the F dock kind of sums it up.

Sunset over Okanagan Lake

Five years ago, our church family decided to organize a Family Camp at a camp only thirty minutes from here. It sits on the same lake that we spend most of our summer days at, but just north of us. This year was the sixth year of Family Camp, and the sixth year that while I bemoaned the timing (September is BUSY), I walked away so happy that we went. (We don’t really have a choice, as Matthew is the Director of Children and Families and it’s part of his job, but still.)

Families with babies and toddlers attend, families with teenagers attend, families with three (or four!) generations attend, families who have no kids attend, and families who have an empty nest attend. It’s open to everyone, and those who can come, come. This year was different for me for a few different reasons. I didn’t have to work, I wasn’t running a half-marathon, and my boys decided to be detached teenagers for the weekend. Aside from when we went to bed and when we woke up, we barely saw them. There was a posse of preteen and teenage boys and girls who had their own deal going on and that’s where the boys were. I would get a hug in passing, and see them at the few organized events, but aside from that they were eating meals with their buddies and jumping off the docks and nights swimming and being part of the nightly youth events.

Five years ago, I had many photos of the three of them together:



This weekend was more photos of Emily, as she took the opportunity to get in some quality Mom and Dad time, be it one-on-one or the three of us.

Walking the dock

Emily also has friends and would sometimes wander off for a good chunk of time. It was a little weird to be so free with my time, when just a few years ago I had three little minions buzzing around me all day and when they went to bed, I was sitting in our room reading while they slept, instead of sitting around a campfire with my friends while my kids ran around the grounds with their own friends.

I loved the chance to spend some quality time with some of my most favorite women on the planet, because our kids were off playing together and our husbands were busy playing pranks on each other and talking Dude stuff. Our daily lives are so busy (The kids still out of school is not helping), and we had this large chunk of time to eat meals together, and sit and drink coffee together, and hit each other with pool noodles. There were so many other memories that I don’t have time to document, but let’s just gaze upon this photo of Emily paddle boarding for the first time (Her idea).

Little Miss Paddle Boarder

(It was Emily’s first time on a paddle board, and she LOVES it. She has such amazing balance and strength and I think we need to do some more paddle boarding.)

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